Factors that Affecting Environment- Population Growth / Impact of Population Growth 2nd part

Next is deforestation. Deforestation is also one of the major impacts which have negative impacts on the environment because now the population is growing drastically so this population requires that much land to stay. The population requires land for themselves to get settled down and that is why day by day so many trees have been cut down in order to build new homes, so what is happening now because the forests have been cut down what happens to the wildlife that is staying in the forest the wildlife will have to migrate to some other area and this leads to a loss in the biodiversity the species are getting extinct these days, man is hunting those valuable animals those valuable species just because of their feathers their skin and other important parts, as we see the loss of biodiversity taking place because of growth in the population. Another serious effect is the loss of oxygen producers and co2 eliminators now that these trees have been cut down the forest has been cleaned. The trees were the ones that are taking the carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen and basically, they act as purifiers of the environment now if we cut down these trees the purification process is also affected so the co2 eliminators are known no more there, so this is again a very negative impact on the environment so with the growth in the population we see that deforestation is taking place and ultimately the environment is getting polluted.

Another impact on the environment is the use of herbicides and pesticides as the population is increasing the requirement for good food and quality product is more, the farmers nowadays are using a lot of herbicides and lot of pesticides but they spray pesticides and herbicides without knowing the consequences they use ddt(Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) but these pesticides and herbicides and ddt in turn you know they will also be transferred into the food chain and finally they are also reaching the human body which is very harmful for the human body once we use the pesticides after some time there are few pests which will get used to the pesticide right so in the next application of the pesticides there will be few pests which will not die they will still survive the pesticide, so what is happening is the pests are not getting killed but these harmful products are being transferred to the human body via the food chain.

Next is Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, ddt is claimed to be a miracle because they say that it is very good for the crop and has no effects on human beings it can build up in the environment and also can have biological magnification.

Next, is bioaccumulation what is bioaccumulation?

Bioaccumulation means these are small fish that will be eaten by slightly bigger fish, bigger fish will be eaten by even larger fishes so the harmful chemicals are transferred from one organism to the other organism when we consume these fishes these harmful elements will also get transferred into the human body so this is known as bioaccumulation. It happens in every food chain accumulated to such levels in the top predators that it started having lethal effects because day by day these harmful chemicals are transferred from one level to the other tropic level and finally reach the human body. Endangered many species of birds including bald eagles also.

Ozone depletion in the 80s it came apparent that the ozone layer was disappearing because there was a hole in the ozone layer and it was confirmed that it was directly caused by human activity because of the chlorofluorocarbons that were emitted because of that it had created a hole in the ozone layer the hole in the ozone was actually dedicated to the human the harmful human activities, so again this is a very negative impact on the environment because this layer actually protects us from the uv rays that are coming from the sun and if it has a hole in it then over few more hundred years this layer will get totally disappeared and the uv rays will be directly hitting the surface of the earth causing so many problems especially the skin problems.

Next is the cfcs the chlorofluorocarbons which were the main reason for that hole in the ozone layer so the chlorofluorocarbons in the aerosols were leaking into the atmosphere and eating away the ozone layer and freon is also a cfc so these are also very harmful rays that were being emitted because of human activity on the surface of the earth.

Next a very evident and major impact of the growth of population on the environment is pollution and when we say pollution it is water pollution air pollution land pollution and noise pollution what is water pollution the untreated industrial wastes and the effluents they are basically dumped into the nearby water bodies by the factories that led to water pollution so all the waste get inside the water resources and the industries polluting the water are basically chemical industries paper industries textile industry dying or some kind of oil and refinery. Industries that are involved with electroplating and this polluted water becomes you know so much unfit for the human use and also for the irrigation so in case this polluted water is used in the fields by the farmers for irrigation then it will also have very harmful effect on the crop and ultimately on the humans that are consuming such crop and this also affect the marine life that is residing in the water because ultimately the water will get polluted so the fishes that are staying or the other animals that is staying in that particular water resource will also get affected so such water when it is used by human beings it leads to different waterborne diseases the harmful substance pass into the food products when it is used for irrigation.

When we talk about air pollution it is very clear that these industries and the factories that have come up because of industrialization are releasing such harmful gases for example sulfur dioxide the nitrogen oxides these gases are very harmful to human beings because it pollutes the air that in which we are staying in.

Next is land pollution when the population will increase there will be poverty people will keep throwing out their waste there are no proper waste management programs with an increase in the population every resource will get limited and at a particular time as time is passing every resource is going to be limited because the rate of the growth of population is very high and this rate of population growth is even much higher than the rate of the production of our food and resources.

The rate of replenishment and reproduction of the resources so everything is going to be limited in the future.

Next is noise pollution noise pollution is caused by industrial and constructional activity or you can say the types of machinery or the factory equipment or the generators and the pneumatic drills which are taking place in our vicinity and noise pollution also results in a lot of irritation and anger in the humans hearing impairment and increase in the heart rate and also blood pressure so there are other health problems health related issues that come up because of noise pollution. 

We have discussed water pollution air pollution noise pollution land pollution in the case of land pollution it is not just the number of people and the poverty which is caused because of these people but when we say land pollution it is also caused by the presence of some man-made chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment also and this type of contamination typically rises from the rupture of underground storage tanks and application of pesticides and the oils and the fuel dumping also, so anything which makes the soil polluted anything which makes the land polluted that will come under land pollution. Even if it is a discharge of some industrial waste into the soil will also come under land pollution, so the major impact of pollution which is so very evident is the pollution land pollution air pollution noise pollution and water pollution.

Next is global warming why is global warming taking place because of the increase in the co2 why is there an increase in the co2 because we are not planting trees in fact we are deforesting. We are cutting off all the trees and that’s why there is so much of co2 in the environment so with the increase in the co2 there will be an increase in greenhouse gases greenhouse effect and this increases the temperatures globally and this is called global warming so global warming that means the temperature of the earth is increasing over the years if you measure the temperature even the facts will show you that the temperature of the earth is increasing that is because of global warming so one thing we have to understand that whether it is over-exploitation of resources or it is population growth or it is industrialization globalization or use of any synthetic material all these are actually interrelated and the major problem of all these issues with the environment is only because we do not have any control over our population.

The population has been increasing exponentially the rate of increase of the population is much higher than the rate of production of food or rate of replenishment of resources so everything starts from the growth of the population because there is a growth in the population and industrialization. There are a lot of Competition and because of these there are over-exploitation and is causing a very harmful effect on the environment.

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