Factors that Affecting Environment- Population Growth / Impact of Population Growth “1st Part”

we will talk about another factor that affects the environment and this is population growth.

So we’re going to study population growth how the population is increasing what is overpopulation and how is it affecting our environment?

 As we know that overpopulation is a very undesirable condition and this is a condition where the existing human population exceeds the amount of the carrying capacity of the earth. what happens because of Overpopulation? when overpopulation occurs then that means there are large numbers of people who are staying on this planet on this Earth this overpopulation will want a lot of food to be consumed, so overconsumption will take Place overpopulation and consumption. The major problem that we are facing today is overpopulation which is caused by several factors.

Since ages as the population is growing industrialization has set in.

Urbanization is taking place modernization is taking place and the population is growing so with more population on this Earth the requirement for food is also increasing now with this growth in the population the environment is also getting affected. Environment means it is not just the population which is staying on this earth but the effluence is also affecting the Environment, on the other hand, we see that with the urbanization and modernization taking place the technology is also nowadays very sophisticated the technology is improving day by day so this technology also has some effect on our environment.

Now the technology which we can call destructive technology. As technology has its positive as well as negative effects on the Environment. The positive effects are actually on our lives, we are getting a better lifestyle today our work is getting done within no time because of the sophisticated technology but this sophisticated technology has its negative effect on the environment so that is why we call it a destructive technology and also about effluents it is not just the number of people that are staying on this earth who are affecting the environment but their activities their consumption of food their requirements their needs their influence is also affecting the environment that is the affluence of the people who are staying on this Planet so how can we talk about the impact of on environment because of the population can be added as the impact because of technology the impact because of effluents of people who are Staying and the impact because of the population so this will give us a total impact on the environment.

There is another factor which we call the economic factors so economic factors also play a major role as far as we know the environment is concerned so now if the economy of any particular country is really doing well then that means that the particular country is going to be consuming lot of resources and lot of habitat is going to be destructed, but in case the economy is not doing so well then that means the resources are not going to be used the resources are going to be conserved and it will not be facing any kind of habitat destruction. Economic factors also play a major role in deciding the impact on the environment but on the other hand, if the economy is not really doing good then it may lead to hunger and disease, so when we talk about the impact of growth of the population on the environment then all these factors will have to be studied.

Now let’s talk in detail more about the impact of population growth on the environment and the first that comes to our mind is industrialization. 

Industrialization is one of the key factors which serves an important role as far as the development of any nation is concerned. As industrialization has been proved and analyzed that countries which are industrially much developed are also economically developed and industrial development also leads to the overall development of the country. But with all these positives of Industrialization, it has a very negative impact on the environment because the burning of fossil fuel takes place and non-renewable resources are also used and these non-renewable resources are basically the resources that cannot be renewed so when we keep using these non-renewable resources at a much faster rate we will reach a point where these resources will get over.

Also, another factor is pollution there is a lot of pollution that is being caused because there are so many industries that have come up also there are so many factories so the more the number of people the more the number of requirements of jobs the more will be the industries and factories which will be coming up and hence there will be a lot of pollution. 

Air pollution is being caused by these industries and with this the co2 level is rising day by day so industrialization is having a very negative effect as far as the environment is concerned because so many toxic pollutants are being released.  

In the air next is acid Rain basically what is acid rain?

The industries are actually releasing very harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides these gases are released in the atmosphere and these gases actually then become a part of these clouds and get condensed and later when it rains these harmful gases are again they come back on the earth and this water when it gets onto the ground and even the water sources will also get polluted the lands and the other fields on which this rain is taking place will also get polluted, so the harmful gases which are released from the industries again comes back down to the earth and in some or the other way it reaches our body and these are very harmful Gases so this is what is called as an acid drain so acid rain is also one of the major impacts that are caused because of the growth in the population.

Next Acidification of lakes is also very much similar to, what we talked about acid drains the lakes and ponds can become so acidified that no life can live in them and why is it so? again it is because of these industries and these factories that are coming up, the sulfur dioxide emission is taking place and these gases again get-go and get condensed and when the rain takes place these gases again come back down to the earth some of these gases are mixed in the water resources this will again pollute the water and also affect the wild lives that are staying in the water, for example, the fish and the other sea animals and when we humans consume these animals these fishes then some amount of these pollutants also is absorbed by our body also and these gases are very harmful. As the population is growing with industries harmful pollutants. These harmful gases are now transferred from one organism to the other organism from one tropic level to the other tropic level and it finally reaches the human body, so the industrialization in one way is not good also the growth of the population in one way is not good as far as our environment is concerned and as far as the population which is staying on this earth is concerned. To be continued….

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