Glowing Skin Remedies

Before we start reading about different remedies regarding skin first of all we should know about cleansing/cleanness.

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Everywhere in the world prefer cleanness and the Islamic quotation is that “cleanness is our half religion” so we should take care of our surroundings and also ourselves as well regarding cleanness.
So here are some remedies for fresh and glowing skin.

1) Rice Water/Paste:

Soak rice in warm water overnight and wash your face with the same water, also make the paste of the same rice and use it as a face mask as it fills the pours and also it reduces the aging sign, and brings brightness to the skin.

2) Honey Cleanser with nutmeg:

Make a mixture of raw honey and nutmeg for acne-clear skin.

3) Honey and Lemon Juice:

Mix the raw honey with a few drops of lemon juice and use it on your face for scars and black spots.

4) Honey and Yogurt:

Mix the raw honey and yogurt for skin brightening and wrinkle-free face.

5) Honey and Olive Oil:

Mix the raw honey with olive oil to treat dry skin, and due to dry skin aging line is also visible, this remedy is also good to cover the aging line also.

6) Turmeric and Yogurt:

Mix the turmeric with yogurt for skin brightening and also used for acne and aging line.

7) Tomato and Turmeric:

Take a tomato puri and mix it with turmeric powder apply it to your face for 15 mint for the Glowing skin.

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