Apple Watch Ultra Vs Samsung Pro

The Apple Watch and Samsung Watch, which are the two biggest names in the smartwatch of the world. Over the past few months, as Apple Watch Ultra and Samsung Watch Pro is been tested and competing against both to see which one is better.


Let’s start with the core basics, where brightness plays a significant role. The Apple Watch Ultra shines a thousand nits brighter than the Samsung  Pro, making it exceptionally visible even under direct sunlight. Moreover, it boasts double the storage, with 32GB compared to the Watch 5 Pro’s 16GB. This extra storage comes in handy for activities like downloading songs for your workouts. It’s important to note, though, that the Pro’s 16GB of storage is still more than enough to store about 3,000 tracks.

Speed: Both watches are lightning-fast, but the Apple Watch Ultra has a slight edge in terms of latency. So, in this round, the Ultra takes the win for its double brightness, higher storage capacity, and overall smoother performance.


Battery and charging performance reveals some intriguing results. The only real difference between these two watches is the size of the battery. The Samsung Pro’s charging time is about 1.5 hours, while the Apple Watch Ultra has a charging time of about 2 hours.


How long will the watch work?


The Pro is designed for everyday use with intense workouts and an all-day display. It will work around 55 hours (2.5-3.5 days).

The Ultra, on the other hand, will work around 48 hours. Both watches offer a super battery saver mode, but the Pro’s faster charging and slightly longer battery life give it the advantage in this category.


When it comes to customization, both watches offer a plethora of watch face options. The Watch 5 Pro allows you to customize fonts, colors, and complications directly from the watch. While choosing such types of best watches, you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your everyday look. The Ultra offers similar customization options, allowing you to edit watch faces directly on the watch, choose different colors and bezels, and select from various complications. However, the Pro shines in one aspect – it enables easy installation of custom watch faces directly onto the watch. Both watches also come with a variety of original watch straps to enhance your style. While the Ultra has unique watch faces and customization options, the Pro wins this round for its seamless custom watch face installation.


Fitness features are crucial for these smartwatches, and both offer a wide range of workout options, including some unique ones like Fitness gaming and hula hooping. You can also download additional fitness apps, such as Strava. What sets the Ultra apart is its more detailed workout metrics and enhanced GPS accuracy, especially in populated areas like cities. Both watches excel at tracking activities and heart rate, but the Ultra’s extra GPS feature gives it an edge in tracking precision. Therefore, the Ultra takes the point in the fitness category.


Both the Watch 5 Pro and the Ultra excel in health tracking, including sleep analysis, blood oxygen measurement, and ECG readings to monitor your heart rhythm. The Pro even offers a sleep coach program to improve your sleep schedule. The Pro can also measure blood pressure, though not as accurately as a dedicated device. However, the Ultra boasts superior accuracy in sleep tracking. So, due to its precision, the Ultra wins in health tracking capabilities.


Special features are where these watches shine. The Watch 5 Pro boasts an invisible digital crown for navigation, Bixby for voice commands (or Google Assistant), and a body composition feature. It can even wirelessly charge on the back of your phone. The Ultra, on the other hand, offers an action button for various functions, advanced compass features, wayfinding, a loud siren for emergencies, and car crash detection. Additionally, both watches have dedicated app stores for downloading compatible apps. While the Pro offers practical everyday features, the Ultra’s unique and advanced capabilities secure it the point in this category.


Both watches are built like tanks, featuring military-grade materials, including titanium frames and sapphire crystal glass. They can withstand extreme conditions and are equally durable, earning them both a point in the durability category.


Here’s where the Pro takes a significant lead. The Ultra costs nearly double the price of the Pro. While the Ultra offers some enhancements, the Pro holds its own with a similar score. Considering the value for money, the Pro earns a big point in the price category, bringing the overall score closer.


In terms of extreme capabilities, the Ultra stands out. It can handle diving, with a dedicated diving app, and withstands extreme temperatures, from -4°F to 131°F. While the Pro can also handle extreme temperatures, Samsung doesn’t guarantee its survival in such conditions. This extreme resilience gives the Ultra a significant edge, earning it the point in this category.


In the ultimate showdown, the Apple Watch Ultra emerges as the winner, but it’s worth noting that both watches have their strengths and are ideal choices for their respective ecosystems. The Ultra offers extreme capabilities and unique features, making it the top choice for the Apple ecosystem. Meanwhile, the Watch Samsung 5 Pro provides excellent value for money and practical features, making it the best option for the Samsung ecosystem. Ultimately, the choice between these two excellent smartwatches depends on your individual preferences and priorities.


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