1-LINCHPIN BY SETH GODIN: This book teaches us how we can become indispensable in life( It means how you can through your work thorough you perspective can create such an existence from where people can never dislodge you). They understand you so minutely and assess you so well, respect you that you will always remain important to them.

2- SAPIENS BY YUVAL NOAH HARARI: This is basically about a brief History of Humankind. So how did human being get started? How did we become the most dominant species among all living beings?

What are those characteristics that make mankind, human being so dominant? And how money was established, religion was founded? What were the important event that happened in our civilization and how because of all that we have reached today?

This is a book which will just make you very aware about the real world.

3-THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI BY ROBIN SHARMA: As this is a fiction book about a lawyer, who is completely drained out in life and then that guy goes on to realize what is the true meaning of life.

4- MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING BY VIKTOR E FRACKL: This is the true story about viktor who was a prisoner in Nazi Germany as a jew and despite all the hardship in the midst all the circumstances, one of his views, which held him in hope, which held him in good light is what this book is about. Because of this book there is a new form of therapy that was introduced.

5-ELON MUSK BY ASHLEE VANCE: As this book is about the life of Elon Musk who is the world’s richest man and the owner of twitter also who is working for upgradation of AI